Fraxinus angustifolia Vahl

narrow-leaved ash
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Fraxinus angustifolia
Elena Torres & Santiago Moreno
Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

Fraxinus angustifolia: Appearance of a young specimen in summer

Appearance of a young specimen in summerBranch with opposite imparipinnate leaves, each of which has 11 lanceolate leaflets with serrate marginsPrevious year's branch with precocious hermaphrodites flowers, clustered in a dense racemose inflorescenceBranch with many samaras

Fraxinus: Ancient Latin name for ash tree

angustifolius, -a, -um: narrow-leaved, referring to the width of its leaflets


Habit: Deciduous, polygamous tree 10-25 m tall, generally with a short and thick trunk with ridged, furrowed bark and a rounded crown.

Leaves: opposite, deciduous, imparipinnate, with a petiole 2-6 cm long; blade 9-28 cm long, with 2-7 pairs of leaflets 1.5-10 cm long x 1-2.5 cm wide, lanceolate or elliptic, acute at the apex and cuneate at the base, with ± serrated margins and generally glabrous, with a slightly larger terminal leaflet.

Flowers: proterantherous, hermaphrodite or unisexual (male or female flowers), small, inconspicuous, naked, hypogynous, with pedicels, arranged into axillary inflorescences, with 2 stamens and a syncarpous 2-carpellate gynoecium with a superior ovary.

Fruit: samara 2-5 × 0.5-1 cm, ± lanceolate, with a terminal wing and bearing one seed.


It flowers between the end of the winter and the beginning of spring; the samaras mature at the end of summer.

Geographic origin

Native to the Western Mediterranean.


It is often cultivated as an ornamental. Its timber is elastic and resistant and has various uses (cart-making, agricultural implements, sports handles, etc.). Its leaves are used as fodder for livestock.

It is propagated from seeds.

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